[Community-Discuss] Allegation of Harassment

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Eih! This feels like really internal information huh!


Does AFRINIC ever hold internal meetings to look into the issues of the
"Internal Customers?"


Someone's bleeding - too much hurt.


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Despite that this lady has raised this several times with the HR and CEO.
Did the HR Manager did something to solve this issue??? The HR Manager is
not competent at all in his field. He is USELESS. Why do we have a HR
Manager is an organisation???. Many staffs left AFRINIC for several reasons,
they have been pressurised, threatened, diminished, insulted, harassed,
attacked, disrespected, bullied and many more. Some of them were fired.
Again, USELESS HR !! We do  not even know what is the role of the HR Manager
at AFRINIC. What does he really do there? No proper documentation, no report
concerning staffs departures, why staffs quit AFRINIC??? Nothing was done by
the HR Manager. The CEO is responsible for the smooth running of the company
and he needs to make sure that the company have a good culture. AFRINIC
still have an acting head of IT who is not competent at all. I remembered my
previous AFRINIC meeting was a bad experience, we never got connected to the
internet at Sofitel during AFRINIC meeting. What a joke, AFRINIC promote
internet for the whole Africa. Till now no replacement have been done for
the head of IT.  AFRINIC culture is becoming worse and worse !!! 

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