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Can the board please explain how it plans to deal with the fact that appointed directors do not contribute towards quorum for an AGMM – and we cannot elect directors outside of an AGMM – as per the bylaws.  As such, while these appointees increase board capacity – they do not solve the AGMM quorum problem.



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Subject: [Community-Discuss] Filling of the casual vacancies-Update

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Dear AFRINIC members and community,

The AFRINIC Board has decided on a process for filling the vacant seats in the Board of Directors.  The process is published at <https://afrinic.net/images/afrinic-director-selection-process-20180628-en.pdf<https://afrinic.net/images/afrinic-director-selection-process-20180628-en.pdf>> and also included at the end of this message.

I will send another message no later than Monday 2 July with a link to a page with information about the candidates.

Best Regards,
Christian D. Bope, Ph.D
Chairman, AFRINIC Board

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Chers membres et communauté d'AFRINIC,

Le Conseil d'administration d'AFRINIC a décidé d'un processus pour pourvoir les sièges vacants au sein du Conseil d'administration. Le processus est publié (en anglais) à <https://afrinic.net/images/afrinic-director-selection-process-20180628-en.pdf<https://afrinic.net/images/afrinic-director-selection-process-20180628-en.pdf>> et également inclus à la fin de ce message.

J'enverrai un autre message au plus tard le lundi 2 juillet avec un lien vers une page avec des informations sur les candidats.

Christian D. Bope, Ph.D
Président du Conseil d’Administration d’AFRINIC

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AFRINIC Director Selection
28 June 2018


After the AFRINIC AGMM on 10 May 2018, four seats on the Board were vacant.  The Board decided to fill the vacant seats, in terms of article 13.14 of the AFRINIC Bylaws, and published a call for Expression of Interest (EOI) on 17 May 2018 [ https://afrinic.net/en/news/2395-filling-of-the-casual-vacancies<https://afrinic.net/en/news/2395-filling-of-the-casual-vacancies>]. The Board has received a total of 20 EOIs in response to the call.

The filling of the vacant positions on the Board will be effected in terms of the hereunder process.

Phase 1 - Public consultation

The Board shall provide the opportunity to get community’s feedback.

  *   Those that meet the eligibility requirement as per section 13.10 of the AFRINIC bylaws, shall be identified from those who have submitted EOI.
  *   Candidates will be required to provide a reference of two AFRINIC resource members in good standing supporting their EOI. A member in good standing cannot support more than one candidate irrespective of the region.
  *   Candidates will be required to consent to their information being published.
  *   Information about candidates will be published for public comment, for a one week period.

Phase 2 - Selection

The Board shall proceed to select the appointees from the pool of candidates, to fill the vacant positions on the Board. The following criteria will be considered:

  *   Feedback received from the community (as per phase 1 of the process)
  *   Section 13.12 of the AFRINIC Bylaw
  *   A vote of the Board on each region seat will be conducted
  *   This phase shall be concluded within 1 week after phase 1 ends
  *   The appointees will be announced to the community.


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