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Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
Fri Jun 15 03:55:32 UTC 2018

Hi AfriNIC Community and AfriNIC Board,

I have a number of questions around the upcoming meeting in Cotonou on the 6th of July this year - what is being termed as a celebration of Africa IG 1998 - 2018.

Firstly - can AFRINIC tell us, just how much money they are contributing to this event - keeping in mind that funds that AFRINIC spend are contributed by members, I think the community may be interested to hear an answer to this.
Secondly - can AFRINIC tell us if they truly believe this event if appropriate at this point in time - when the community has shown a total lack of faith in the board - when the company sits with a legal problem of being unable to elect directors or form quorum for another AGMM - coming on the back of a report that has to be commissioned into the conduct of AFRINIC board and management - which has never yet been shared with this community, is it really appropriate to be spending money on, partnering with, or having anything to do with a "celebration" of this nature.

What is being celebrated?  20 years of us slowly moving towards complete collapse while the current board continues to bluntly ignore the questions about how they plan to solve the quorum issue for AGMM's and election of new directors - despite it having been raised time and again?

Please - I think we as a community deserve some answers - because that event - smacks of the AFRINIC saying "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"



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