[Community-Discuss] Filling Board Casual vacancies: Call for Public Comments

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it’s reassuring that we got a good and extensive list of candidates to pick from.  I wish all the best of luck and I’m sure the board will make the right choices.


Looking forward to moving positively ahead of the challenges of the past and continuing on the journey of building our organization to serve the wider community.





From: Bope Christian <christianbope at gmail.com>
Date: Tuesday, July 3, 2018 at 11:59 AM
To: <community-discuss at afrinic.net>
Subject: [Community-Discuss] Filling Board Casual vacancies: Call for Public Comments



[version français ci-dessous]


Dear AFRINIC members and community,


The AFRINIC Board has decided on a process for filling the vacant seats in the Board of Directors.  The process is published at <https://afrinic.net/images/afrinic-director-selection-process-20180628-en.pdf>.


20 expressions of interest have been received, but not all of the interested persons have confirmed their consent for publication of their CV and other information.  Information about those who have consented is published at <https://afrinic.net/bod183>.  Information about the remaining persons will be added if they consent.


The Board invites comments on their suitability for appointment as Directors of AFRINIC, via the web form at  <https://afrinic.net/bod183>.  


Comments should be submitted no later than 10 July 2018, 12: 00 UTC.



Best Regards,

Christian D. Bope, PhD

Chairman, AFRINIC Board


. . .




Chers membres et communauté d'AFRINIC,  


Le Conseil d'administration d'AFRINIC a décidé d'un processus pour pourvoir les sièges vacants au sein du Conseil d'administration. Le processus est publié à l'adresse <https://afrinic.net/images/afrinic-director-selection-process-20180628-en.pdf>


20 manifestations d'intérêt ont été reçues, mais toutes les personnes intéressées n'ont pas confirmé leur consentement à la publication de leur CV et d'autres informations. Les informations sur ceux qui ont consenti sont publiées sur <https://afrinic.net/bod183>. Des informations sur les personnes restantes seront ajoutées si elles y consentent.


Le Conseil sollicite des commentaires sur leur aptitude à être nommé Directeur d'AFRINIC, via le formulaire en ligne à l'adresse  <https://afrinic.net/bod183>.


 Les commentaires doivent être soumis au plus tard le 10 Juillet 2018, 12: 00 UTC.



Christian D. Bope, PhD

Président du Conseil d’Administration d’AFRINIC





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