[Community-Discuss] Issue with non-AFRINIC Fellowship to Meeting -

S Moonesamy sm+af at afrinic.net
Wed Dec 19 06:37:29 UTC 2018

Dear Frank,
At 08:51 PM 12-12-2018, Frank Habicht wrote:
>My level of interest is this:
>I would like to continue having a working, responsive, RIR for 
>Africa, maintaining some numbers assignments/allocations, in a fair, 
>predictable manner, that should not spend the majority(or a major 
>share) of its resources on auditing members, just because a few have 
>accused others and require audits; and neither should this RIR be at 
>the risk of having to spend these resources, just because of this 
>here discussed policy.

The RIR does more than maintaining assignments or allocations for 
number resources.  One of the services available is a database of 
routing policy information.

>oops, are we on the wrong list?

It might be better to discuss about policy proposals in the working 
group as that is where the discussions usually happen.

S. Moonesamy 

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