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Benjamin Eshun benjamin.eshun at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 20:37:48 UTC 2018


Just a simple question.

On Tue, Dec 18, 2018 at 11:16 AM Jackson Muthili <jacksonmuthi at gmail.com> wrote:
> A policy that incites or stimulates divisiveness, targeting and
> victimizing is very, very bad.

How does a proposed policy that gives guidelines to AFRINIC to carry
out audit and review of INR that it already has the mandate to carry
out “very very bad”?

For the avoidance of doubt, I have repeated the classes of review in
the proposed policy.

**  extract **

13.3 Classes of review: Members to be reviewed shall be selected
according to the following classes:

13.3.1 Random

The member is chosen by AFRINIC at random between the membership.

13.3.2 Selected

 Member is selected because of an internal report or due to a lack of
contact between the AFRINIC and the member.

13.3.3 Reported: Here, members are reviewed either because:

A) They have requested the review themselves or

B) There has been a community complaint made against them that
warrants investigation. Complaints shall be backed by evidence and
AFRINIC staff shall evaluate the facts as appropriate to conduct the
review. However this review is not applicable to a member  with the
same resources portfolio on which a full review has been completed in
the preceding 24 months.

 AFRINIC staff may, at its sole discretion, after having assessed the
nature of the evidence found in the community complaint, require that
such evidence be (i) submitted in the form of a sworn affidavit or
(ii) declared to be true before a Commissioner of Oath.

*end of extract ***

Unless if you want to suggest that AFRINIC should be stripped of its
responsibility to randomly review any memberships, stripped off its
powers to investigate a member that has stopped communicating, and
stripped off its powers to listen to complaints from  the community
and its members in general.

I know that we are all noble people and that we have the very best
intentions for the community, but simply put AFRINIC cannot be just
left to the good intensions of the community and members.


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