[Community-Discuss] Issue with non-AFRINIC Fellowship to Meeting -

Komi Elitcha kmw.elitcha at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 00:01:52 UTC 2018

> Larus is a resource holder like any other resource holder. The fact that
> they are a large resource holder does not make them any worse or
> better than any other resource holder, so I’m not sure why you believe
> the number of IPv4 addresses they hold have any bearing on the
> discussion.
What make Larus singular is that this organization through an LIR
membership, holds 6 million IPv4 space, more IPv4  space than even
countries like Nigeria, Kenya and Algeria (*). The same Larus has no
real Internet infrastructure on-continent nor any serious services being
consumed  by customers on the continent.

With NO network, lack of local staff in Africa that could contribute to 
discussions on Afrinic list or even attend AfriNIC meetings except the
known Individual based out of Africa.

Therefore besides contracting individual mercenaries to visibly help
protect and defend the huge IPv4 pool it holds, by opposing the review
policy by all means, one would wonder what value Larus really
contributes to the AfriNIC community  besides sponsoring  newbie
students to interfere with PDP.

That is where  the problem lays...

(*) AFRINIC  stats


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