[Community-Discuss] How are research projects selected at AFRINIC?

Daniel Shaw danielshaw at protonmail.com
Wed Dec 12 19:38:33 UTC 2018

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On Wednesday, December 12, 2018 9:29 PM, S Moonesamy <sm+af at afrinic.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> At 10:48 AM 12-12-2018, Daniel Shaw via Community-Discuss wrote:
> > Why not the community list? The research initiatives may be
> > interesting to non-members in the community too...
> The message [1] mentioned that a Resource Member of Afrinic Ltd has
> never been consulted about research priorities.

Well, considering there are a fair number of resource members, that's not too surprising ;)

> My suggestion was to
> discuss about that with the other Resource Members.

My suggestion is to broaden that. There are many folks that have a stake in resource members in some way or involved with them, but are not the contact person on the member list. I put it to you that the discussion could benefit from more than the member emails on the members list.

> Research priorities are not the same as research initiatives.

True. Both could be interesting.

> It has
> been the practice [2] to have a call when there is are such
> initiatives. I would have suggested this mailing list if there was a
> discussion among researchers about educational opportunities to
> encourage development in this service region.

Why? It's not a list specific to educational institutions?


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