[Community-Discuss] How are research projects selected at AFRINIC?

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Dear Amreesh,Dear Colleagues,

I have been following this thread regarding AFRINIC Research and
Development, I once asked similar question on the methodologies and
approaches used by AFRINIC in identifying research areas and its
relevance in addressing issues facing AFRINIC members and AFRINIC

Thank you for the answers you have provided and being that much
transparent that the department is led by Engineers who are not
necessarily having policy skills. This therefore provide a room to
engage other experts to complement the current skill sets in the

I work with University of Dodoma as a researcher and we are also
member of AFRINIC but I have never come across to such consultation on
research priorities.

The question is relevant and I have a feeling that more engagement is required.

Matogoro J

On 12/7/18, Sami Salih <sami at tpra.gov.sd> wrote:
> Dear Amreesh,
> Thank you very much for this informative reply, I really appreciate what
> have be do in R&D, however as ex-Head of R&D at the Telecom regulatory of my
> country I want to see more engagement with policy oprganizations to fill the
> gap in policy related research studies. I may refer back to you with some
> ToR.
> BR
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> Subject: How are research projects selected at AFRINIC?
> Dear Sami,
> Following our remote presentation on the Research and Innovation (R&I)
> Department update, you and some other delegates had some questions which I
> would try to answer on the list; perhaps this could spark more
> discussions/recommendations on the activities of AFRINIC Research.
> Questions from the audience at AFRINIC-29:
> ####   What is the methodology for selecting research projects?  ####
> We try, as much as possible, to work on research projects that will help
> formulate policies that can have a positive impact on the development of the
> Internet ecosystem in Africa. Research projects are therefore selected based
> on the mutual interest from AFRINIC Research partners and on potential
> impact it can bring.
> Example of a policy brief, based on a research study:
> <https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3269710>
> ####  Whether AFRINIC Research team takes feedback from the community on
> research needed and how does the research benefit the community with regards
> to issues faced by the community?  ####
> We gather feedback based on the discussions we have during our meetings. For
> e.g. we presented a city-to-city latency analysis as a follow-up of the
> Africa Latency study at AFPIF, this year, based on requests we received on
> the microphone.  In the future, we intend to run a survey to get more
> detailed feedback on the needs of the community in terms of research. The
> team will launch an “Internet Measurement Awareness Survey” early next year
> to understand the “Internet measurement needs" of the community.
> ####   Is AFRINIC involved in research with regards to marketing and
> regulatory aspects?  ####
> AFRINIC is definitely interested in understanding the dynamics of the ISP
> market and how it is influenced by the regulations in different countries.
> We have not done any research work on this aspect as at now, but this is a
> topic in which Research ICT Africa has a good expertise, we may consider
> collaborate with them in the future.
> You will find all research output from the R&I team in the last two years at
> this link:
> <https://afrinic.net/research>
> We also worked on a proof-of-concept of a data portal, which contains
> information such as IPv6 penetration, ISP market share, etc. Extending this
> platform is one of our main projects in 2019:
> World Internet Data ExplorER (WIDER) Project
> <http://wider.isoc.org.za>
> Hope this helps. Please send any suggestions, research ideas, etc to AFRINIC
> Labs <ri at afrinic.net>
> Kind regards,
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