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To add to that as ones a fellow, fellows are from different background and with no more or less little about AFRINIC processes. With exception of major fellows meetings which fellows required to attend, they are allowed to participate in any other meeting or workshop of their choice. There is nothing like fellows are coached to support one side or certain groups or organisation.

With the little experience I had with my two FRINIC meetings, I noticed that some members are  in silos and trying to protect their interest, and that has nothing to do with the fellows.

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Hi Borg,

I speak as a former AFRINIC Fellow [1] and your comment regarding the
AFRINIC Fellowship doesn't seem clear to me. Do you mean that AFRINIC
Fellows take side of a specific company, which is against the community?

I'd like to add that the Fellows are on-site during the meeting and
anyone is free to meet and discuss policies with them. In fact, that's a
good thing because Fellows are most often new to the community and they
get to learn about the processes.

AFRINIC does not ask Fellows to take a specific side or favor a certain
company. AFRINIC staff help fellows understand the Policy Development
Process and encourage them to participate in the PPM. Fellows are then
free to voice out their opinion, comment or concern regarding policy


Ish Sookun

[1] I was recipient of the AFRINIC-29 Fellowship and attended the
meeting in Hammamet, Tunisia.

On 12/10/18 10:23 AM, Chevalier du Borg wrote:
> I have hear of
> - Larus Foundation Fellowship
> - OIF Fellowship
> all in addition to AFRINIC fellowship. I have hear people try to compare
> the two and it a FALSE comparison. Here is why.
> Policy can benefit or harm Larus (the AFRINIC member). Same is not true
> of OIF
> I will also be very concern if AFRINIC fellows always take a position
> that favour or benefit the company against community.
> If 100% of Larus Foundation fellow oppose or support policy that will
> benefit Larus the company, that is corruption.
> I think this community or board need to be clear about this. It is
> beginning of very dangerous trend
> --
> Borg le Chevalier
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