[Community-Discuss] [#H1P-594ADZ-819QC]: Incident Statement

Arnas M. admin at as37692.net
Wed Aug 8 14:42:43 UTC 2018

Dear AFRINIC Community members, 
In regards assignment of IP blocks,
Our reliability is the core of our commitment to our partners and customers. 
Therefore we are providing full explanation of situation related with IP blocks purchase offer and its resolution:
1. On 21st of July DET Africa (Pty) Ltd. received information stating that IP blocks allocated by AFRINIC to DET Africa (Pty) Ltd. were offered for purchase outside the AFRINIC service region. 
2. DET Africa (Pty) Ltd. reacted immediately and initiated internal audit to detect illegal activities from companie‘s side. 
3. Audit revealed unauthorized action (on time emailing) of DET Africa (Pty) Ltd. employee due to his personal/ salary related reasons.
Please note, we not tolerate any internal violations of AFRINIC rules and guidelines („CPM“) and already took these proactive steps: 
•         We consider this violation as critical therefore terminated the responsible person,
•         Implemented and updated more strict internal policies,
•         More deeply instructed DET Africa (Pty) Ltd. employess to follow internal policies and guidelines,
•         Updated outgoing communication monitoring procedure and its execution.  
The reliability to AFRINIC is our top priority. 
Thank you for bringing our attention to the situation above and letting us to improve.

Vincentas Grinius

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