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My apologies if i am too alarmant on this or if i am misunderstanding this

Please consider my message on this as a request from a community member to
be assured that we are okay and have nothing to worry about.
>From your message, Wafa, i hope i can be at peace with regards to Afrinic
and the GDPR because it is that simple from your perspective.


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2018-04-15 9:37 GMT+02:00 wafa DAHMANI <wafa at ati.tn>:

> Dear all,
> I think there are some misunderstandings of the issue
> By the way under which laws there will be fines imposed on AFRINIC after
> the 25th ???? does AFRINIC have subsidiary company in EU area ??
> I think things are more simplier for AFRINIC
> AFRINIC has just to declare that as company is fully respecting  data
> privacy and should appoint a senior responsible for assuring that all
> mecanisms implemebted treating personal
> data comply with data privacy issues for example AFRINIC should  ISO27001
> certified and had a Security Officer (which is mandatory to be ISO27001
> certified).
> Best
> Wafa
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> On Apr 14, 2018, at 7:45 AM, Mike Silber <silber.mike at gmail.com> wrote:
> My expectation is that the org confirms that is has performed a thorough
> evaluation and believe any risks have been mitigated.
> Exactly!
> If fines are to be imposed on AFRINIC (past May 25th) simply because there
> was less care taken upfront in dealing with this issue, then it will be a
> total mess.
> AFRINIC members need to look closely at this since they might be the ones
> paying!
> On Sat, 14 Apr 2018 at 00:18, S Moonesamy <sm+afrinic at elandsys.com> wrote:
>> Hi Arsene,
>> At 07:48 AM 13-04-2018, Arsene Tungali wrote:
>> >Reading this thread, I am still awaiting an official statement from
>> >the Board telling us that AFRINIC is safe and at this stage is in
>> >compliance with GDPR when it gets into enforcement next month. Or
>> >maybe did i miss that one?
>> There was a message at
>> https://lists.afrinic.net/pipermail/community-discuss/
>> 2018-April/002093.html
>> >I am not a EU citizen nor do I live in any EU country but i do care
>> >very much about privacy issues in terms of the way WHOIS handles
>> personal data.
>> I suggest sending an email to contact at afrinic.net if you have
>> questions about the above as I would not know how that works for you
>> given that we do not reside in the same country.
>> Regards,
>> S. Moonesamy
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