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Hello Sunday, Board,

It has now been 70 days since my initial request - 10 days have passed since the timeframe you committed to expired - 5 days have passed since I first queried it and this community has had deafening silence - the hours and days tick by.  There are 163 days till Christmas - will the board wait to say anything until then?  Or will they wait till their election campaigns roll around next year to start answering the community who holds the ballots?

In the time passed since the request - AfriNIC has allocated 809984 IP addresses - which is more than 5% of the space we had available when I asked the questions - are you guys waiting till we hit soft landing phase 2 till you decide to honour your commitments?

What happens when the 90 mark you committed to publicly hits on the other series of questions?  Based on the percentage of time over your commitments you are right now - should we plan to see those questions answered 15 days after the commitment?  Hey - if you hold out for another 10 days and set precedent - we may well hit Christmas before we hear from you again...

I wait with baited breath for the board we elected to honour their commitments to this community - please - my lungs have limited capacity.


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Subject: RE: [Community-Discuss] Requests and questions

Dear Sunday and Board of Directors,

It concerns me greatly that the elected board of a community based organisation would make clear and firm commitments to reverting back to this community on some pretty serious questions - then miss the deadline they themselves set with no explanation to the community who is waiting for answers.  And then, when questioned as to when the commitments made by the board would be met - stay entirely silent and say nothing.

I understand that the board is busy, but a commitment is a commitment, and it is not this community that set the time frames here - it was the board who promised such.

Again I ask - when will the board meet its commitments to this community that are clearly stated below?


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Subject: Re: [Community-Discuss] Requests and questions

Dear Sunday, Board of Directors.

As per the below, we were told we would have a response within 60 days - this is now 3 days overdue.

Can we please get an indication on when this commitment that was made will be met?



From: Sunday Folayan [mailto:sfolayan at gmail.com]
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Subject: Re: [Community-Discuss] Requests and questions

Dear Mr Alston,

Thank you very much for your email and questions.

The Board will get back to you within the next 60 days.

Regards ...


On 14/07/2017 07:57, Andrew Alston wrote:
Dear AfriNIC Board,

I have been advised that when I had questions or request, that I put them in simple, direct requests.  The following are a list of requests

  1.  Can the board please commission an investigation into whether the lack of a bi-directional transfer policy puts AFRINIC at risk of running afoul of the Mauritius Companies Act of 2007, and in what areas, and exactly what the potential liability is.
  2.  Can the board please advise the time frames required to commence such an investigation, and once said investigation has been commissioned, advise on the time frames to complete said investigation, and once concluded advise the community of the full results of said investigation
  3.  Can the board please investigate if the proceedings of board sub-committees, under Mauritian governance, form part of board proceedings, and if they do, advise the community when the meetings of said proceedings shall be published as per the agreement to publish the minutes of board meetings.
  4.  Can the board please commission an investigation into the limits that the RSA can be modified without member consent in the context of Mauritian law and advise the community of the results (Under Mauritian law, can a contract be changed without the consent of both parties, to the detriment of one, irrespective of what is already signed)
  5.  In addition to my request this morning on the members list requesting the board to check if any procedures and policies required by any MOU to which AFRINIC is a signatory are missing, can the board please investigate if there are any policies, procedures or committees that are required by a.) the CPM b.) The bylaws c.) the companies act d.) any other source which binds the company and advise the community of a.) the time frames to complete said investigation and b.) once known, the full list of outstanding policies/procedures/committees and c.) the time frames to rectify these areas.

I look forward to hearing the results of the above.

Many Thanks

Andrew Alston


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