[Community-Discuss] ISOC InterCommunity 2017 in Mauritius

S Moonesamy sm+afrinic at elandsys.com
Mon Sep 11 08:16:24 UTC 2017

Hi Ish,
At 10:25 PM 10-09-2017, Ish Sookun wrote:
>You mean to say the panel consists of AFRINIC staff and non-ISOC
>members? Isn't it strange to have a panel without an ISOC Mauritius
>member for an ISOC event?

I read the agenda to find out whether "ISOC Mauritius" was listed as 
the question was about that.  My reply was in connection with 
that.  The "without ISOC Mauritius" might be strange if those local 
chapters usually participate in discussions about the (panel) topic.

S. Moonesamy 

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