[Community-Discuss] Community-Discuss Digest, Vol 204, Issue 1- Discriminatory remarks on the livestream of SAFNOG

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
Wed Sep 6 10:49:06 UTC 2017

While unfortunately you’ve responded to an English speaker in French – and as a result I’ve had to switch to google translate to translate what you said – let me respond based on my understanding.

Firstly, the stats are from a variety of sources – and I have said there are 90 million French speakers in Africa – not 30 million – and that is still less than the Swahili speakers or the Arabic speakers.

Secondly, the moderator told you there was no French translation or zulu translation – I see NOTHING wrong with what he said in that – it is objective fact.

Official estimates (and you’re free to do what I did, google, I’m not going to go and dig out what you’re quite capable of finding yourself), show that in Africa French is the 4th most spoken language – it is the 18th most spoken language world wide – and you have not answered me – who will pay for this supposed translation?

The world does not revolve around one language group – and what must be done for one language must be done equally for the rest of the languages that comprise similar number of speakers (or in some cases far more speakers).  There is nothing “special” about the language you speak that entitles it to special treatment above others.   I don’t see the Russians complaining that there isn’t Russian translation of everything at RIPE.  I’ve never seen a tech conference where things are translated into Hindi within the RIR system or the global tech system – Or Bengali for that matter.  All three of those languages are vastly larger than French on a global scale.

Anyway – while this has been an amusing debate – I don’t think I’ve got much more to say on this – because I actually have real things to do ☺


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Date: Wednesday, 6 September 2017 at 12:05
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Subject: Re: [Community-Discuss] Community-Discuss Digest, Vol 204, Issue 1- Discriminatory remarks on the livestream of SAFNOG

D'abord quand on cite des chiffres en public il faut préciser la source. En plus, lorsque vous organisez un forum et que vous le diffusez sur internet vous élargissez votre auditoire. En plus, il fallait d'abord lire toute la conversation, comprendre l'esprit et la lettre des propos de mon interlocuteur pour discerner l'aspect discriminatoire des paroles de mon interlocuteur. Il faut dire les choses comme elles sont ce n'était rien d'autres de l'arrogance même s'il a tenté de rebiffer par la suite. Quant aux statistiques fantaististes produites je n'y crois pas d'abord parceque dans la plupart de nos pays il y a pas de recensement fiables ou d'études profondes à ce sujet. Nous en RDC, à ce jour on recense 30.000.000 d'électeurs (majeurs) parlant français (sans oublier les autres 30.000.000 des mineurs parlant aussi français), vous ne me direz pas que les autres pays francophones ne regroupent que 30.000.000 des francophones.

Je n'en démore pas ces propos étaient bel bien discriminatoires, c'est dommage qu'il nyait pas de zulu inscrit à ce forum pour réagir et défendre leurs intérêts.
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