[Community-Discuss] Closed members and recovered resources

Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
Fri Jun 23 12:28:52 UTC 2017

And while on the subject of transparency, I would also ask, that the board disclosure *ALL* the audit reports – inclusive of the management letters which form part of the auditor’s report – as per section 7.6.(ii) which expressly says that the registered and resource members have the right to receive *ANY* auditor’s report.
The board is reading....

Yes. reading loud and clear.

The Auditor's Report is already published along with the Financial Statements. The Board believes that the Management letter is a confidential document.

Sunday – then change the bylaws – the management letter forms a part of the auditors report to the board – indeed an auditor will not finalize without what is in there being addressed – it is a standard part of any audit report.  The bylaws are explicit – members have the right to *ANY* report from the auditors – no exceptions – no limitations.  I understand as well as you do that there are confidential documents which the board cannot share – however – if the right is explicitly granted in the bylaws – then there is no option but to share.  That is the nature of the bylaws – and the board does not have the right or the authority to ignore them


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