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Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Thu Jun 22 19:28:19 UTC 2017

On 22 Jun 2017 9:49 p.m., "Andrew Alston" <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com>

Noah –

An annual report – by law – has to contain the financials – audits cannot
even BEGIN until after the close of the financial year – and audits take
time – and yes – I am also not all that pleased that the “friendly” audit
report is not out yet – but asking for a report in Q1 that is required to
contain financials is entirely unrealistic.

Here is the thing – while the board of directors has the power to approve
the financials, and then bring them to the floor for adoption by the
members – until such time as they are approved and I would say adopted –
they cannot realistically be included in the “friendly” annual report –
because the financials actually **ARE** the annual report – the friendly
version is what is added to that.

So – either an annual report goes out with financials the community has not
adopted – and by the way – annual reports are meant to be filed and once
released are very difficult to withdraw and change – or – the community
still gets to adopt the financials before they get put into formal
publication – one way – you can have an early annual report – the other way
– you can adopt the financials – but it can’t be both – that’s not the way
it works.


Alright then and I get what you are saying, but the concern is still the 6
months delay its taken and is only expected in July 2017.

IMHO, the FS is a summary of the activity of AFRINIC in a given year
financially. As such, it would make sense for the report that explains the
details of the FS pending adoption by community and a report on AFRINIC
activities to be made available at the same time as the FS.

AFRINIC should combine both if need be and publish them as earlier as April
and before AGMM.

By the way – I have a serious and pressing concern that I will be raising
on the members list about the adoption of the financials – because I only
realized this AFTER the Nairobi meeting – under section 7.6.(i) the
community has the power to adopt the financials – and unless I am mistaken
– this was not done – so I would like to ask the board of directors when
this community will get to adopt said financials.

As far as I remember,  you were seated with fellow board members during the
discussion on the FS and if memory serves the Chair called for the adoption
of the FS after the community discussing it and no one in the room
objected. I could also be wrong unless I check the video archives on
youtube :-).

And while on the subject of transparency, I would also ask, that the board
disclosure **ALL** the audit reports – inclusive of the management letters
which form part of the auditor’s report – as per section 7.6.(ii) which
expressly says that the registered and resource members have the right to
receive **ANY** auditor’s report.

The board is reading....

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