[Community-Discuss] Closed members and recovered resources

Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Tue Jun 20 19:59:51 UTC 2017

On 19 Jun 2017 4:07 p.m., "Alan Barrett" <alan.barrett at afrinic.net> wrote:

In response to several questions, I can give the following information
about organisations whose Afrinic membership was terminated and their
resources reclaimed.

In 2014:

15 members were closed
18 ASNs were reclaimed
211968 IPv4 Addresses (/32s) were reclaimed
5 IPv6 /32s were reclaimed

In 2015: No members were closed.

In 2016:

12 members were closed
8 ASNs were reclaimed
71680 IPv4 /32s were reclaimed
1 IPv6 /48 was reclaimed

In 2017:

19 members have been closed (or are near the end of the closure process)
16 ASNs have been reclaimed
45056 IPv4 /32s have been reclaimed
2 IPv6 /32s have been reclaimed

To find exactly what space is currently quarantined, you can download the
extended statistics file from <ftp://ftp.afrinic.net//stats/
afrinic/delegated-afrinic-extended-latest>, search for “reserved” in the
seventh pipe-delimited column, and then exclude any space within the
following ranges which are reserved by policy:

IPv4      Reserved for IXPs peering networks per CPM 11.4
IPv4      Reserved for IXPs management networks per CPM 11.4
IPv4     Reserved for future use per CPM 5.4.7
ASN 37769-37887         Reserved for use in BGP route servers at IXPs per
CPM 11.4

In the case of IPv6, the extended statistics file shows that, for each
allocated /48, space is reserved up to the next /44 boundary, and for each
allocated /32, space is reserved up to the next /29 boundary.  If you are
looking for quarantined space, you will also have to ignore these

Hi Alan

Thank you for the effort and sharing this information.

We will appreciate as a community that this information is and must be made
available online as part of the annual report[1]

Checking again the link ftp://ftp.afrinic.net//stats/a

Besides the block below which you indicated as reserved per CPM 5.4.7.


It does also shows for instance, the below space as reserved


Which means either this stats are outdated or wrong since your email and
explaination doesnt indicate why the above 3 blocks are marked as reserved
and which can't be recovered space as per the recovery numbers for 2017.

And why is the recovered and/or reseved space not listed in Afrinic's
normal pool or at a dedicated web page like below for better trasparency.


Why can't Afrinic create similar tools?.

And what is the rational behind the 2 years quarantine  before the
recovered space can be reallocated?

What is the process of determining and/or restoring recovered space
reputation from previous activities


[1] By the way,  where is the annual report for 2016? The bylaws make its
publication mandatory.

[1] The community has requested and we agreed that In order to enhance
AFRINIC accountability, we make sure that this information is published
yearly so that the community/membership can know how much space is
recovered and available in the inventory.
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