[Community-Discuss] Closure: was: Board Statement on Board Member's Conduct

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Fri Jun 9 18:35:00 UTC 2017

On 09 Jun 2017, at 19:31, Danny <afahounko at gmail.com> wrote:
> Local host should always ensure high availability by having at least 2 service providers regardless of how many fiber links one provider can bring into the conference after all even during the workshop week, Liquid internet was down for 2 hours due to router failure and if there was a second provider like Safaricon, Wananchi or Seacom such outage would have been avoided.

that’s quite incorrect.  speaking as the NOC person who diagnosed the fault, the outage was due to a hardware fault that was induced by the hotel staff.
(and it was not the only outage, created by hotel staff during the event either!).  there is no indication that this would not have otherwise occured, since, we would most likely, still have used the same device as a border router.
if nothing else, the liquid team were extremely helpful in sourcing another router - JNPR QFXs don’t exactly grow on trees - and getting it onsite from across town in *less than 1 hour*, in peak nairobi traffic.
and then leaving it onsite, as a contingency, for the rest of the event.

it’s sad that this sort of goodwill doesn’t seem to make it onto this mailing list;  just the uninformed criticism  :-(

> Local host should ensure more than 1 provider 

right….just like how this was the case for AIS-16, AIS-15, AIS-14, […]   




don’t let your regular disdain for andrew, detract you from the *excellent* job that the liquid team did with providing bandwidth, hardware, and support for the event.  as someone that’s done more than a few NOC shifts, for these events, i can tell you that they were a tremendous help this time!


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