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Hello all.



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Subject: 	[apnic-talk] APRICOT 2017 programme reminder
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Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that APRICOT 2017 begins in around one month from now,
and that we still have some presentation opportunities available!

If you or a colleague would like to present something of interest and
relevant at APRICOT 2017, be it a conference talk or a tutorial, or host
a BoF, please submit on-line at:


The deadline for submissions is 30th January, as we mentioned in the
CfP. However we are filling presentation slots on a first come first
served basis, so if you would like to ensure your place on the programme
please submit your presentation asap.

More information at the CfP page for APRICOT 2017:


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Philip Smith & Mark Tinka
APRICOT 2017 Programme Chairs
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