Kangamutima zabika Christophe funga.roho at yandex.com
Wed Aug 9 13:34:13 UTC 2017

In order for Afrinic to best integrate with African Internet users, I suggest that all the content of Afrinic's website be published in 3 languages: French, Arabic and Portuguese in accordance with the distribution of the dominant linguistic areas in Africa. This initiative will allow Afrinic to penetrate a wider auditorate from where the gradual expansion of the community. Enlargement will allow a diversification of interlocutors, an enrichment of the debates on important subjects like the policies implemented in afrinic.
I would like to point out to the members of the community that the multilingual content is already available on the web portals of another regional lacnic register (lacnic.net).

For organizations that want to subscribe to Afrinic resources, they should find documentation in their administrative language (mostly English, French, Arabic or Portuguese) throughout the process  (especially the state actors Which bind their administrative language to the legal family of the law in force).

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