[Community-Discuss] Internet Shutdown session at AIS 2017

Ish Sookun ish at lsl.digital
Thu Apr 13 16:18:42 UTC 2017

Hi Kris,

On 04/13/2017 06:53 PM, Kris Seeburn wrote:
> May be interesting to have the ICT ministers or information ministers as
> well. The director generals also act on instructions but both are as
> important in such maters that we should envisage at our best to get them
> on board and listen in and participate or at least the senior advisors
> to the minister of ICT.  Just thought as they are key to anything that
> happens.

I see Alan has mentioned that the meeting is happening in Kenya. If that
were in a local context, i.e Mauritius, I would be a little skeptical to
have the TCI Minister or "senior advisors" involved.

Advisors or officers close to ministers are mostly known to be yes-man,
while the ministers themselves have most of the time little experience
in the field of technology, communication or yet about innovation. The
post of advisor is often given as "gift" to political agents who might
not necessarily have any interest beyond their own political advancement
(instead of technology advancement).

It might produce better results to have people who are technology
influencers and who understand & can also disseminate the information in
the right way. Digital freedom activists are to be considered as well.
NGOs involved in the promotion of technology for social impact are good


Ish Sookun

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