[Community-Discuss] Accountability assessment - quorum

Frank Habicht geier at geier.ne.tz
Fri Sep 30 17:57:48 UTC 2016

Hi Badru,

On 9/30/2016 8:30 PM, Badru Ntege wrote:
> Supposing the Mauritian government imposes a legal tax tomorrow on
> all Afrinic resource holders /members regardless of where the
> resources are used since they are allocated from Mauritius.

Suppose the Ugandan government does the same - we'll be happy to be in
Mauritius. I think your argument is not relevant - too unlikely, and if
something happens, AfriNIC can move - we all know that.

> Let's be consistent if we choose to remove the proxies lets not use
> Mauritian law as the excuse.

forget Mauritian law (but i suggest AfriNIC employees should comply with
it)   ;-)

I gave other good reasons:
introducing electronic voting gave more options and rights to resource
members. Good.
removing proxies would take options and rights away from resource
members. Bad. (and not possible for legal reasons)

I would even say that the latter makes AfriNIC procedures less democratic.

Any thoughts about this?

Have a nice weekend!


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