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As another note – that I forgot to mention in my previous email.

We have to educate our corporate consumers – because unlike the consumer market where you can turn on v6 through ISP controlled access to the CPE’s and it just works, corporates, you have to actually sit with them, discuss, and get them to move, because getting it to the edge of their networks is easy – getting them to enable it through firewalls etc – that’s another story.


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Subject: [Community-Discuss] Liquid Telecom warns of looming address shortage - Daily Nation

Dear listers

Greetings and apologies for cross-posting.

Internet service provider Liquid Telecom Kenya has warned that Africa is set to run out of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses as early as next year, potentially slowing down digital growth in the continent.

Read on:-


Couple of questions:-

1. How involved are we as a community in ensuring the smooth transition from IPV4 to IPV6?

2. What have been the major impediments to the successful migration?

3. How can we move the needle faster?

Ali Hussein
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