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Arnaud AMELINA amelnaud at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 08:24:49 UTC 2016

Well said Mirriam. +1


Le 2 oct. 2016 07:38, "Mirriam" <mirriamlauren at yahoo.com> a écrit :

> On 1 Oct 2016 19:07, "Andrew Alston" <Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > Alain,
> >
> > Quite frankly – I think what you have said here is, at best, extremely
> naive and at worst incredibly irresponsible.
> >
> >
> Hi Andrew,
> You need to calm down. No one here is naive or irresponsible so mind how
> you respond to others and have some respect else Afrinic code of conduct
> comes into play and i hope the CEO and Chair will caution you.
> In fact your message is full of exaggeration. What exactly is your point
> considering following this discussion you seem to have jumped arguments
> from company bylaws to company act?
> Everyone herein is well aware that our " Afrinic is a private company
> registered in Mauritius with a Community Oversight through its Bylaws and
> remains a community/resource members driven organisation" otherwise we
> would not all be here deliberating on how to improve the organisation.
> You are one of the directors elected to the board to respresent the very
> resource members who elected you and as such you are answerable to us just
> as all the other directors who the membership sends to the board.
> So what exactly is your point with that long email as what was being
> discussed was plain simple proxy limits?
> Mirriam
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