[Community-Discuss] Soft Landing Policy - Call for Sanity

Dewole Ajao dewole at tinitop.com
Wed Nov 30 05:53:00 UTC 2016

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On 30/11/2016 00:39, Mathew Chigwende wrote:
> Dear AFRIC faithful,
> As the morning dawns and the Afrinic community is going to vote on the 
> policies, I hope sanity will prevail and everyone stays as far away 
> from the original Soft Landing Policy as possible.  Simply put, this 
> policy does not support internet development, but defines a long, 
> painful and expensive way of seeing off IPv4.
> For starters, all other regions have depleted their IPV4 space, so 
> what is so special about Africa that their IPv4 will exist for as long 
> as possible while they are not really adding any value? If a member 
> needs IPv4 addresses, they are limited to a mere /22. We are seeing 
> huge developments in LTE, GPON and WIFI all across Africa. It will 
> only mean that each time one needs some IP space it will be more and 
> more expensive.
> To make matters worse, this policy does not encourage IPv6 uptake. 
> Each uptake of IPv4 should encourage some documented use of IPv6 as 
> well. Members should show that they have at least a parallel IPv6 
> deployment plan.
> I don’t see why we need to reserve addresses either.
> 3.9.2 Allocation/Assignments to new LIRs or End-Users:  Imagine I have 
> an organization that has just deployed a huge network, serving 
> thousands of customers, why would I not get addresses – because we are 
> waiting for a new company to be formed and to figure out what they 
> want to use IP addresses for. No. If I have a valid reason for the 
> space, I should just get it, and not wait for someone who might be 
> innovative one day.
> 3.9.3 Reserve for unforeseen situations: What unseen situations? We 
> have learnt a lot from other regions that have run out of space.
> Keeping V4 will only kill innovation. I have great trust and believe 
> in future generations. They will come up with some innovative ways of 
> dealing with this.  They will not even need IPv4!  So keeping some 
> IPv4 blocks for them will only keep blinkers on them. Set them free 
> and let them innovate.
> So, for those who have registered to vote, well done! Go and burn 
> those IPv4 and set the future generations free. Don’t keep them in 
> IPv4 captivity. There is much more in the world of IPv6. Simply eject 
> the soft landing policy.
> Regards,
> Mathew
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