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Andrew Alston Andrew.Alston at liquidtelecom.com
Sun Nov 13 19:01:20 UTC 2016

Noah, I am trying to understand this.

So, which country do you consider me from? South Africa because I hold a South African passport? Kenya because I have lived there for 3 years, am married to a Kenyan and have a child who holds both? Or for the purposes of this am from both?

If I am South African - then it means nothing that I don't live there anymore and that's bizarre, if I am considered Kenyan, then by the same token Alan would be Mauritian at the moment, and one of the current board members would be Singaporean.

Who gives a damn where people are from, the board is there to run a company and ensure it remains a solid on going concern  with decent corporate governance. That makes it about skills, not where someone is from.

Furthermore - I honestly see this whole thing as more fearmongering with no substantiation or evidence to support it. What exactly are these people going to collude on? What is the motivation you prescribe for this mythical organizational capture people seem to believe would happen? To what end and what substantiation is there for these fears?

Or are we all just playing the Donald trump card and stirring fear and paranoia for the sake of it?


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On 13 Nov 2016 18:48, "Mark Elkins" <mje at posix.co.za<mailto:mje at posix.co.za>> wrote:
> > The CEO country should never have someone run to represent the non
> > geographic since if elected, the board would end up with 3 directors
> > from a single country that is CEO, subregion and non geo.
> For a moment - I was worried. Then I realised that even though Alan is
> South African from the Southern African subregion - he lives in
> Mauritius, part of the Indian Ocean subregion..

This is not about Alan. Its obvious the CEO will alway relocate to .mu though he or she would never represent the Indian Ocean subregion.

What we need to limit is the number of folk from the same country as the CEO to 1 at any given rotation.

> Regardless, I think this idea is stupid. The CEO should not be in this
> count at all.

Its valid since the CEO always becomes a full time director of the board.

> There should not be any "Country limits" - just a maximum of two per
> subregion

There should be a country limit of 1 so that per subregion 2 different countries can have the total of 2 folk.

Diversity as other countries also have experienced folk to serve not just a few common countries year after year.

For East Africa subregion, it would be great to also have experienced folk from Burundi or Rwanda next round just like coutries like Kenya Uganda and Tanzania who have had the opportunity to serve.

> and all numbers should exclude the CEO - or it will always be unfair on
> the AFRINIC host subregion - the Indian Ocean subregion for now.

That is still open to debate.

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