[Community-Discuss] Bylaws changes

Alan Barrett alan.barrett at afrinic.net
Sat Nov 12 06:05:17 UTC 2016

> On 11 Nov 2016, at 18:23, ALAIN AINA <aalain at trstech.net> wrote:
>> We might want to think of something like an online quick forum to give community an opportunity to understand the urgent need. This maintains the openness.  And if a reversal is needed at the AGM it does not become an issue.
> This is inline with what i suggested  two days ago. keep 11.4 and 11.5 as they are and update the PDP to add  board policy adoption process, bearing in mind that PDP already has a provision for varying the process.  

I agree that adding something to the PDP to cover the case of policy adopted by the Board would make sense.

Even if that is done, I still think that modifying 11.5

11.5	Endorsement of policy adopted by the Board:
(i) Any policy adopted by the Board under the provisions of Article 11.4 shall be submitted to the community for endorsement at the next public policy meeting.
(ii) In the event that such a policy submitted by the Board is not endorsed, the said policy shall not be enforced or implemented following its non-endorsement; however, any actions taken in terms of the policy prior to such non-endorsement shall remain valid.

The text in (i) is already present in the bylaws.  The text in (ii) is new.

Alan Barrett

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