[Community-Discuss] Bylaws changes

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri Nov 11 20:18:29 UTC 2016


First, thanks for your continued and tireless efforts on this project.

Item 4, I propose changing the text in 13.5 from:

“13.5 Each of the following six sub-regions of Africa shall be represented by one director as indicated below:”
(which I think is incongruous with the new intent)


“13.5 One director shall be chosen from each of the following six sub-regions of Africa:”

There is probably an even better way to say this, but I think it is important to convey that the directors are
chosen to be from the sub-regions in question, but not chosen to represent their specific sub-region.

I like the new 13.6.

Your new Item 5 is much more clear, thank you.

Notwithstanding my continued opposition to Item 6, I would suggest that rather than “such Director is not
eligible for re-election” perhaps the phrase “said person is ineligible to run for or hold any seat on the Board”
may be a better way to state the intent.

Other than those small items, I think it looks quite good.


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