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> Really, if there is such overwhelming desire by the community to remove the CEO that it reaches this threshold, do you believe it is good governance for the board to keep such person in place?

SO: Actually if there is such overwhelming desire to fire the CEO from the community, then it would indeed imply bad governance and the community should fire the Board for not performing her fiduciary duties by doing the needful (when required).

This cannot happen since there is this small elephant in the room called the companies act which from past conversations removes that power from the community at large.  

The one that hires fires and the one that elected should be empowered to remove. Community elected the Board, Board hires the CEO. I still believe it will be very wrong to expose Staff(CEO or other staff) to such removal option by the community while there is still an organisation Board existing.

Basically community should have power to recall board if board fails to get results from CEO and fails to make a change of CEO if necessary.  

Community should have no operational access to staff apart from when staff are delivering service.  Community can offer feedback to the organization about their experience with staff but cannot dictate what action should be taken.


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