[Community-Discuss] Regular updates on Number Resource Applications and Approvals

Dewole Ajao dewole at tinitop.com
Mon Nov 7 14:29:12 UTC 2016

Dear Community,

I was wondering if anyone else thinks it would be useful to see 
weekly/daily details (in human readable format) of new applications and 
approvals for Internet number resources perhaps as a weekly/daily email 
from AFRINIC to this (or the members) list.

Given increased depletion rates, I think having these details in 
(almost) real-time will increase the community's awareness rather than 
rely solely on the biannual statistical updates (which in any case do 
not contain details of who is making attempts to acquire number 
resources). I think the Org Name, Country, Type and size of resource 
requested/approved would be even more useful than the resource type/size 
and country data already available in delegation stats at 

This would be purely operational and a community value addition so it 
should not require a new policy, right?


Dewole Ajao.
(in my capacity as a community member)

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