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I happen to completely agree with you ☺ As I said in my original email, I don’t agree with the rejection sentiment at all, but I believe if others wanted to walk down that route, they should do so fully with the caveats I mentioned, and be aware of the dangers it poses.


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>  if someone runs for election and loses, they should not be eligible to run again for a defined period (2 years or whatever), since based on this logic, they have been rejected?

-1 Andrew.

My reasoning is that, running and losing an election doesnt necessarily translate into rejection. After all the loser tends to always also have a constituence.

Losing an election simply means the one who won got more votes from the electorate and the one who lost or came 2nd got less votes.

Folk who come 2nd or lose an election should never be stopped from running again because no one in this community has a right to stop anyone from contesting as many times as they can.


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