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Mark Elkins mje at posix.co.za
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I have no wish to pick upon anyone but in answering some of the
questions, please consider the background to the question. This is not a
closed book exam but I believe needs thinking and research. For example
- if you do not know whether an Associate Member currently pays anything
- perhaps check first?

On the other hand, some Questions can be answered as one liners.

As an example,
So why would someone say to Question 5 (How many Directors from one
Member Organisation) - simply say "Only one".  The question is also
about "Capture of the Board". Would two out of nine people really
capture the Board?

As a part of NomCom for this year, I was somewhat disappointed by the
lack of volunteers for Board positions. Only two volunteers in both West
and North Africa?
In past years - there was an occasion when only two people volunteered
for just two seats. Whilst one candidate was very good, the second was
eventually dismissed from the Board due to non attendance.

Having a "Only One per Member Organisation" could possibly stifle some
good, competent people from applying. Is that really good for the Board
and the AFRINIC community. Look at other Boards and compare what they do
and how they operate.

In our case, I do agree though that three people from the same Member
Organisation could be too much.

ps - Fabian - thanks for answering though! Sorry to pick on you, many of
your answers do have explanations. This little rant is really for others
who are still silent.

pps, Question 12 is about Emergency Policies that have a time critical
element (need a particular policy *now*, not in 6 months time) - not
normal policies.

On 13/06/2016 17:14, Fabian Jr wrote:
> Dear Alan,
> thanks for bringing  up this matter (points).
> my opinions:
> *on Item 1*:
> i ask a question If the associate member is paying any annual fee then i
> would recommend to be allowed to vote
> If one does not pay any fee i would recommend not to be allowed to vote
> *On Item 2*:  i say YES to the proposed phrase
> *On item 4*:  i support the term limit and i would propose to be maximum
> two Terms
> *On item 5*: i support the LIMIT and i would say maximum ONLY ONE
> *On Item 6*: i say YES
> *On item 7*: i say Sure!
> *On item 8*: for Sure!
> *On item 9*: i would say, Any Board Vacancy shall be filled through a
> normal procedure (nomination and then voting at MGM). Where the Vacancy
> happens more than 3 months ahead of the coming MGM then SMGM shall be
> called and i would recommend this meeting to be carried out through
> internet technology interfaces such as Teleconferences, webEx, Video
> Conference, Zoom and other such technology as it may be seen
> appropriate. Voting at the same time to be conducted electronically.
> *On Item 10*:  i would ask a Question here.... why should the Board want
> to disapprove the nomination(s) ?  i think the Board shall not have
> mandate to approve any nomination(s) that does not fulfill the set aside
> requirement(s). i think the BOARD shall only approve the nomination(s)
> which have fulfilled the requirements and automatically disapprove those
> which have not met the requirements.
> *On Item 11*: I say YES
> *on Item 12*:  I would say: Board is not allowed to aprove any Policy or
> Policy changes that have not gone through PDP.
> regards,
> /Arbogast Fabian,/
> /cell:+255-78-447-8387/
> From: alan.barrett at afrinic.net
> Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2016 12:18:00 +0200
> To: announce at afrinic.net
> Subject: [AFRINIC-Announce] Accountability Assessment
> Arising from a review of AFRINIC’s Bylaws and other documents, several potential areas for improvement were identified.
> The attached document was presented to the AFRINIC Membership and the community during the AGMM in Gaborone, Botswana, on 9 June 2016.
> I invite the community and the membership to comment on these suggestions, or any other areas where the Bylaws could be improved.  Comments should be sent to the community-discuss at afrinic.net mailing list.  In due course, Bylaws changes will be drafted to implement the suggestions (and additional points that might be identified).
> Alan Barrett
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