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2016-01-01 23:57 GMT+04:00 Hytham El-Nakhal <hytham at tra.gov.eg>:

> Hi Borg and All,
> Happy New Year for All :)
> @Borg, Let's continue our brain-storm on how to increase participation
> from Francophone and Arab countries on the Community mailing-list.
> Sure staff can provide this statistics but may be it'll give us a false
> indication, for example if 10 community members visit one specific page for
> 100 times (then we have 1000 hits) while 500 members visit other specific
> page for 2 times each (then we have 1000 hits), which page is important ? I
> prefer that community put their priority list important

the stats will tell this piece of information:

a) roughly how many people from Arabic country access afrinic website.
b) maybe list of pages they visit (not necessary priority)

don't know what afrinic use but web stat software (including open source
one) can make a different between same person accessing multiple time. thus
10 people accessing same page 100 times will show 1000 hits, but still show
100 unique visits (which is what we are interested)

but more important, you have some evidence of a problem. on the other hand
if it tells you that in 1 year, only 10 people from arabic country visit
the website, what does that say?

> pages and then seek for an accredited translator to volunteer and
> translate it to Arabic.
> Let me brief the discussion done on rpd list and open it for the whole
> community, we discussed how to improve the participation of community
> members from Francophone and Arab countries in AFRINIC activities? Some
> colleagues from community claimed that the reason is translation in
> meetings is English and French only.. and website pages are in English and
> trainings done in English and French ... The discussion almost conclude
> that the official language of AFRINIC is English and for Arabic translation
> there is a suggestion to get feed back from community to elaborate the
> important web pages to be translated..
> So, What else do you think are the reasons for low participation of
> community members from Francophone and Arab countries in AFRINIC activities?

APATHY! (they don't really care). i willing to bet that you can translate
entire site into arabic or french and the community engagement (as evidence
by RPD discussions etc will not change.

to jump straight to translation might be solving the wrong problem. my
evidence for APATHY is the number of french/arabic on this list even
discussing this (4 arabics so far and 8 french)

to be clear, there's APATHY even in anglophones ...that's why you have the
same 8 - 10 people doing all the discussion.

> Thanks,
> Haitham El Nakhal, as a community member.
> 2016-01-01 12:24 GMT+04:00 Hytham El-Nakhal <hytham at tra.gov.eg<mailto:
> hytham at tra.gov.eg>>:
> > 1. Translate the most important pages.
> Good, let's open this discussion on the community-discuss list to know
> what are the important pages need to be translated from community point of
> view. You can take the lead and drop the first email for community on
> community-discuss at afrinic.net<mailto:community-discuss at afrinic.net
> ><mailto:community-discuss at afrinic.net<mailto:
> community-discuss at afrinic.net>>
> staff can help by provide web statistics of page access by arabic-speaking
> countries.
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