[Community-Discuss] [members-discuss] [AfrICANN-discuss] ICANN 2016 Nominating Committee Announces Selections - unfortunate Africa distribution

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Wed Aug 31 10:07:02 UTC 2016

>>>> Paulos - the nomcom only has responsibility to ensure there is at
>>>> least one board member from the region. The rest are selected by
>>>> respective SOs/ACs that have their one selection policies and
>>>> methods.
>>> Correct on the "responsibility" but I was expecting the ICANN NomCom
>>> to be much better informed and act in a pragmatic manner, I expect
>>> much more from a NomCom that just satisfying a responsibility.
>> and, i gather, you think that northern africans are not capable of being
>> informed and pragmatic?
> Then why not just put in the Euorpeans etc in these positions if that
> is the case?

just so it's not the brits, who have recently demonstrated that are
neither informed or pragmatic.  but martians, i want martians! :)

but there are appointed nomcom members.  you are objecting to them,
saying they are not capable of being informed and pragmatic.  please
justify that attack or withdraw it.

personally, i would have liked to see a wider dispersion.  but this does
not induce to accusing those chosen of bias and incompetence.


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