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Ilunga, Serge, Vodacom DRC Serge.Ilunga at vodacom.cd
Thu Apr 14 06:13:36 UTC 2016

Hello Alan,

Thanks for your prompt reply.
My main concern is about the time given to apply:
2016 Election: 8 days (12 April to 20 April)
2015 Elections: More than 1 Month ( 18 March  to 15 April 15).

People used to plan according to past experience and I think that this drastic variation (from more than 30 days to 8) is not helping.
I will suggest to extend for even 10 days.

Kind Regards.

Ilunga, Serge, Vodacom DRC
Transmission Optimization Manager

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> On 14 Apr 2016, at 09:06, Ilunga, Serge, Vodacom DRC <Serge.Ilunga at vodacom.cd> wrote:
> Dear Nomcom,
> Can you please provide the reason of the disparity noticed for the date on which this mail was sent to the list (12th april) and the date indicated on the web site (20 march 2016)?

Allow me to reply instead.

The notice was published on the web site on 22 March, as it says, but there was a delay before the notice was sent in email.  I take responsibility for the delay, so please don’t blame NomCom.  The underlying reasons for the delay involved changes to the nomination form (which has different requirements from last year), uncertainty about whether or not self-nominations were allowed (no, in accordance with the bylaws, but different from last year), and confusion regarding the timeline.

Alan Barrett
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