[Community-Discuss] [members-discuss] Timeline for the AFRINIC Governance Committee

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Hello community,

I think that this matter is critical for the survival of our community and need particular attention.
Therefore there is a need for the community to discuss further during face to face meeting since we have workable charter under discussion.
In fact as a driven community organization, there is a need to get consensus within the community which include those who will present during face and remotely (As we also do with PDP).

In summary is worthy for the organization to find a slot for this important debate.

Kind Regards.

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I fail to see why a discussion at a face to face meeting, where less than 15% of the membership is typically represented is less valid than a far more inclusive discussion that should be had on the members list, amongst the members who this committee will effect.

Every member gets the emails on the members list, they CHOOSE to comment or not to comment, and leaving the discussion to a face to face meeting disenfranchises those who cannot be at such a meeting due to financial or other constraints.  Hence, I would rather encourage all members to have their voice heard where is can reach the entire member base, rather than an extremely small minority.

Hence, I agree with Seun and others who have commented that this is unnecessary considering the work in progress at the moment.

Stated as a personal opinion.

Andrew Alston
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From: Badru Ntege
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On 9/29/15, 10:42 PM, "Seun Ojedeji" <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com<mailto:seun.ojedeji at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hello Badru,

We have discussed GC in at least 2 public meetings, I don't think there is any need to discuss it at another face2face apart from just hearing update (if any) from board. There are other issues that require attention and GC is just one of them.

Overall the timeline looks realistic
Lets not mix issues here.  First discussion was on whether GC or not.  Then there was a first draft with comments and then the work done after the comments would be discussed.  In a changing environment with a large community like ours I think allowing 30 mins to an hour to have a discussion on an issue deemed to be of such importance would not be wrong.

Governance would set the culture of the organisation and in any organisations culture is everything.  Lets do first things first and make sure we try our best to do them right.  We will probably not be perfect but lets give ourselves a chance to achieve perfection.


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