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Kris Senanu Kris.Senanu at accesskenya.com
Tue Nov 24 15:27:56 UTC 2015

Hi All,

I am normally very quiet on this forum however from what I have seen today I would like to make a few remarks.

I believe as a professional group we should all endeavor to exercise decorum on this platform it is essential if we are to work together towards common goals.

I would also like to see members  spend more time, energy and effort giving support to the current board and management as we all want to succeed as a team.

In future for some of the more contentious issues if members want to make submissions to the board off-list I think that will be less confrontational and antagonizing.

Having said that I believe the facts are the facts and we all know the facts about why we are in our current state of financial affairs.

The propagators of poor financial management know themselves and should be ashamed of commenting on this platform.


Kris Senanu |  Tespok Chairman

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> Op 24 nov. 2015, om 14:03 heeft Randy Bush <randy at psg.com<mailto:randy at psg.com>> het volgende geschreven:


>> Unfortunately its missguided souls like you that are part of our

>> biggest problem.  One could even go as far as calling the cancer.


> ad hominem

Even worse: comparing a participant on this mailing list to a horrible disease, to which many of us have lost/are losing dear friends. Disgusting.


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