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Hi Fiona

On 11/23/15, 12:45 PM, "Fiona Asonga" <tespok at tespok.co.ke> wrote:

Dear Chair

Thanks for the update. Members of the community will be happy to see progress made since our last meeting and not having to repeat the same discussion we had the last time. We really hope the board will be prepared and look forward to a fruitful meeting. 

You see even hope has its limitations.

Notice should have been 14 days and not 3 as per 12.2 of the bylaws.  

May be we should pray and not just hope.  You never know some miracles might happen.

Just the sceptic on me.  (some might want to read it as septic :-) )

Kind regards

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Dear Chair,

Thanks for your mail, from your information it means the audit report will be available tomorrow (the 24th) once the board concludes its meeting. While it would have been good to have this much more earlier than now, i guess a day of patience is still in order considering where we are coming from.

That said, can you confirm if all the meeting minutes have now been published as that was one of the task that the board committed to addressing. On the last point about sighting Paris instance, I don't think we need Paris to be bombed before we know there is security concerns as places closer to us has been experiencing terrorist attack by the day and we have been doing our thing without this much security awareness PR[1]. I value my life but we should not scare ourselves un-necessarily, and certainly the scare should not be as a result of incidents that happened in foreign territories. 

1. Anyone who was in Djibouti would recall what happened.

On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 9:08 AM, Sunday Folayan <sunday.folayan at afrinic.net> wrote:

Dear Members,

Permit me to update you on some important issues regarding our organization. 

1. Audit Report

The Board will meet on Tuesday 24th November 2015 to approve the Audit Report. It will be released to the Community, preparatory to our SGMM in Point Noire. Sincere Apologies from the Board that we will not be releasing the report before that date. 

2. Governance Committee

As requested by members, GC will be discussed in Point Noire. Due to work pressure on Management, the task of synthesizing the various views and discussions so far on the subject, has only recently been completed. The CEO has provided the Board with a revised draft of the Governance Committee Terms of Reference, and the Board expects to make it public within the next week.

3. Point Noire Meeting

Preparatory to our meeting in Point Noire, the Notice of Meeting and the Agenda has already been circulated to: 

* Resource Members * Registered Members

 * Associate Members

 * Company Secretary * Auditor


It is important to remind us all, that terror has really taken hold of the world, and fear is the major merchandize being peddled by these terrorists. The global media is also not helping matters with the way these are graphically relayed all over the world.

The recent bombing in Paris has further underscored the fact that there is no safe place in the world. We just must all be courageous to live our lives.
 AFRINIC has commissioned a site assessment from a reputable security company, and their report is available at <https://meeting.afrinic.net/afrinic-23/en/travel-kit/security-assessment>. The Board is exploring ways and measures to make us all safe during the meeting.

Please do come to the meeting in Point Noire, but by all means if you cannot come, please make sure you participate remotely.


Sunday Folayan
 Chair, AFRINIC Board 

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