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Fri Dec 4 13:43:51 UTC 2015

Dear Afrinic Members,
The Governance Committee charter is a wonderful document we have now. After the discussion in face to face on it yesterday  I understood that the board will continue  receiving comments, and will come out with the consolidated document during the next AGMM. Below are my few comments.a) My feeling is that the constitution of the GC is too large. I expected  a committee of maximum  of 3 people, since the role of that Committee is only  to provide ADVICES when it is needed to the Board of  Directors.b) My take is that AFRINIC is still a very small organization to have a GC of 11 members.c) I suggest that when the charter will be consolidated by the Board, we just keep it and re-reactive it when the need will be. If you agree with me,  we add the following as article 11 into the current draft.
------11 - Starting of the  Governance Committee.The Governance Committee will start acting when the need will be, by an ordinary resolution of AFRINIC Membership at the Annual General Member's Meeting requesting the board to take such action.------
Best wishes to All.
Janvier NgnoulayeAfrinic MemberAcademia - Yaounde Cameroon

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