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In cases where the registrant's (Domain Owner) identity is public, anyone
can easily confirm the status of a domain via WHOIS.

In the case of private registrations, ascertaining registration information
may be more difficult. If a registrant, who acquired a domain name, wants
to verify the registrar has completed the registration process, three steps
may be required:

   1. Perform a WHOIS and confirm that the resource is at least registered
   with ICANN,
   2. Determine the name of the wholesale registrar, and
   3. Contact the wholesaler and obtain the name of the retail registrar.

This provides some confidence that the retailer actually registered the
name. But if the registrar goes out of business, the rightful domain holder
with privacy-protected registrations may have difficulty regaining the
administration of his/her domain name. Registrants using "private
registration" can attempt to protect themselves by using a registrar that
places customer data in escrow with a third party.

ICANN requires that every registrant of a domain name be given the
opportunity to correct any inaccurate contact data associated with his/her
domain. For this reason, registrars are required to periodically send the
holder the contact information on record for verification, but they do not
provide any guarantee about the accuracy of information if the registrant
provided inaccurate information.


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