[afrinic-anti-spam-discuss] charter

Jean Robert HOUNTOMEY-ISERVICES hrobert at iservices.tg
Thu Oct 11 14:48:25 SAST 2007


The problem of 'spam' on the Internet is well known to every internet user.

Its use (abuse) is increasing and in many cases it can cause severe
technical and operational problems to network operators and users.

In the AfriNIC service region some various reasons made difficult to 
existing technical solutions.

It was then decide at the Afrinic 07 meeting in  Durban (report) to form a 
working Group
to identify the issues for AfriNIC rervice Region


The work of this group will be carried out principally by e-mail.
It is proposed to meet at AfriNIC Meetings in order to finalise any 
Participation is open to all.

Anti-Spam Working Group Group Mailing List

afrispam-wg at afrinic.net is the address to use if you want to start or 
contribute to a discussion on the WG issues.
(This is not the address to use to discuss and to share experience on spam 
nor to report on spam)

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