[afrinic-anti-spam-discuss] Deploying SPF

Frank Habicht geier-lists-afrinic-antispam at tih.co.tz
Fri Oct 5 06:08:54 SAST 2007

On 10/4/2007 11:57 PM, Hari Kurup wrote:
> Graham Beneke wrote:
>> Personally - the benefits of SPF far outweigh the headaches of
>> forwarding. The number of users affected by broken forwarding is
>> marginal when compared the number of users getting benefit from SPF.
> SPF does not provide benefits for combating spam. It addresses mail
> forgery which is something else.

A lot of spam uses forged addresses.
If I don't accept email with forged addresses, I am refusing (this kind of) spam.

Example right now at $workplace :
over night Thu 2007-10-04 20:34:31  -  Fri 2007-10-05 07:00:58
89 SPF lookups performed, 23 failed ('-all') and email was rejected.
I like that. I think some (most?) of them are spam and I'm happy to refuse them.

>> I know that Gmail already has SRS in their forwarding engine (can't
>> comment on any other providers). The MAILFROM is rewritten with the
>> original MAILFROM encoded into the local part and then the domain is
>> changed to @gmail.com and thus SPF passes on Gmail's record.
> And then if for whatever reason the mail is bounced, gmail has to
> receive the bounce, rewrite and forward it back to the original sender.
> *sigh*

Life is sometimes really tough.
In this case for the gmail mail servers....   ;-)


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