[afrinic-anti-spam-discuss] DNS whitelisting

Ernest - (AfriNIC) ernest at afrinic.net
Wed Oct 3 09:33:21 SAST 2007

sorry to hijack a thread - but it's not entirely off topic. Does the WG
or SiG not need to have an area where minutes of the meetings can be
published? Even documents such as the "charter" that the chairman is
working on can be made public?


>> The whitelist currently contains most of the major mail servers in South
>> Africa as well as a number of smaller servers from around SA and the
>> rest of the continent.
> Maybe I don't fully understand it quite well. What criteria did the
> "major mail servers" pass in order to have the privilege of being on
> your whitelist?
> Blacklisting uses exclusion (based on spam reports, etc.) while
> whitelisting uses inclusion based on what exactly?
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