[afrinic-anti-spam-discuss] Deploying SPF

Alain Patrick AINA aalain at trstech.net
Tue Oct 2 12:14:25 SAST 2007

On Saturday 29 September 2007 09:06:42 am Graham Beneke wrote:
> There were requests at the antispam BoF that we share our experinces and
> best practices. Here are my comments on Sender Policy Framework.
> In a nutshell - SPF is a system whereby a domain administrator is able
> to define a list of the servers designated to send mail for the domain.

> The reason that this is neccessary is that the original SMTP protocol
> has no way of verifying the MAIL-FROM header that is transmitted during
> the SMTP transaction.

MAIL-FROM: the Reverse-Path , the sender e-mail ?

Folk  verify that by checking if  the sender domain exist( has a mx or A 
record....)  and check the local-part with VRFY or other means.

SPF is more about  verifying the SMTP-sender.


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