[afrinic-anti-spam-discuss] Fwd: Re: [afnog] UCEPROTECT-Network Level 3

Alain Patrick AINA aalain at trstech.net
Tue Jul 31 19:38:22 SAST 2007

> And: correct, it means "yes".
> But I'm really really really very very busy trying to get a writeup &
> project finished for starting to measure intra-africa traffic so as to
> justify good connections (direct?) between IXPs...
> Any comments about my previous longer email?
> If there's not any single suggestion after that email, i think we can
> just use it as the group's document?
> But I'm still hoping someone has something to say.
> Of course questions are also fine. Don't be shy!

what i suggested is that you draft (and robert has volunteered to help too) a 
problem statement  based on the thread for discussions. If we agree on that, 
we can quickly document afriNIC region specificity (minimun allocation size, 
network size, use of whois.afrinic.net, blababla.....)  for rbls  operators 
and users.

hope this helps


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