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Alain Patrick AINA aalain at trstech.net
Tue Jul 24 20:38:00 SAST 2007

i expect that this kind of situation clear our mind on what we have to do 

exchanging experience is one thing , but there are more to do.

can this thread acts as starter ?


On Tuesday 24 July 2007 10:56:35 am Frank Habicht wrote:
> On 7/24/2007 11:22 AM, S. Oduor wrote:
> >> there is no net police agency, sorry.  and afrinic is not the police
> >> agency which does not exist.
> >
> > I dont mean to put afrinic on Internet Police level, but I think they are
> > better placed than me since I dont own the whole netblock of
> >, there lots of folks with smaller subnets on this netblock
> > suffering Probably  some of them are on this list, having one
> > representation from a bigger entity like afrinic  will as a matter of
> > fact get things moving & we will be focused on other errands trying to
> > make the internet efficient.
> >
> > Besides I think this is a good forum to brain storm on best ways to
> > combat this kind Crime Perpetrated by  UCEPROTECT & many other RBL's that
> > deflect genuine emails not spams, to me this is no big difference from
> > hacking or abuse of high level resulting to loss, I already got lots of
> > rejected mails from my customers affecting their businesses you might
> > never really know the extent of the damage its impacts are far reaching
> > when a legit email bounces  . One day someone will really think of what
> > he has done or not done to ensure he is protected by a net police agency
> > ? the wisdom & influence to get one operational now is really you choice.
> >
> >> contact the folk at whoever is being what you think is mean to your
> >> packets.  nothing else will help you no matter how loudly you scream; in
> >> fact, screaming reduces one's credibility in the long term.
> >
> > Before screaming I normally prefer mature ways of sorting out a main
> > problem and this really does help  many at times. If you literally happen
> > to step on my toe I would  tell you to step off  while holding back my
> > breath and if it jst happens that I scream am either about to give up or
> > do something that will ensure I am free from the pain (human nature), I
> > will try not to scream cauze some good folks are already assisting me &
> > hope someone who is silently suffering will take up his responsibility. I
> > hope their provider was here to drop their AS to ensure that RBL is not
> > reachable.
> >
> > UCEPROTECT is demanding 250 Euro payment which I maintain grounds is
> > stealing either knowingly or unknowingly.
> >
> > Their is an Auto whitelist of 7 Days that we can bet is not going to
> > happen on a block of /16 thats on level 3 owned by different
> > Organisations, I have been trying to sort this for months now and through
> > my search I subscribed to AFNOG cauze I trust it has experienced chaps
> > who have been sorting out internet related problems for ages than
> > brushing them off in a clever way.
> Hello,
> Now we have at AfriNIC a AnitSpam Bof/SIG/WG/....     (which I'm part
> of...)
> This probably means that there is something AfriNIC can (should?) do.
> Not talking about policing.
> I agree it is "wrong" what this particular RBL is doing.
> We can and I believe should be talking and reasoning with them (educate
> them) - and I believe Bill Woodcock did.
> If they won't listen, we could publicly name&shame them....
> you could also take the list of failing destination addresses (those
> mail domains using the rbl) and tell postmaster@<domain> how bad that
> rbl is...?
> This is one thing.
> We could also (at the same time) look at
> $ grep 196.207. delegated-afrinic-20070716
> afrinic|NG|ipv4||4096|20050309|allocated
> afrinic|KE|ipv4||4096|20050530|allocated
> afrinic|ZA|ipv4||4096|20050309|assigned
> afrinic|MU|ipv4||4096|20050903|allocated
> afrinic|NG|ipv4||16384|20050118|allocated
> afrinic|SN|ipv4||16384|20050203|allocated
> run whois and talk to our colleagues. avoid the spam.
> adapt/read/develop/copy&paste some best current practices ...
> sorry - and implement!
> get the antispam wg/sig working (i take ~5% of the blame ;-)
> So i see some place in the "coordination of efforts" and the education
> where AfriNIC can play a role.
> And I'm all in favour of this being bottom-up !
> Regards,
> Frank
> (who should be busy with something else...)
> PS: Now how do i make this email sendable (acceptable) ?
> use sender address geier-lists-afrinic-antispam at afrinic.net  to
> submit to the afrinic mailing list
> or use address geier-lists-afnog at afnog.org to submit to afnog ?
> or think about receiving recipes and get all list traffic in on one
> address ...?
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