[afrinic-anti-spam-discuss] new spams issue

Jean Robert HOUNTOMEY-ISERVICES hrobert at iservices.tg
Sun Jul 1 16:46:19 SAST 2007

During our last meeting some of us talked about SMTP authentication. Can we 
have more informations about it?

I think that in most of the case there are 2 points to consider;  how to 
deal with spam coming from you internal network - going inside or/and 
outside (customers, users)
and  spam coming from outside.

Most of the case of spaming tips I have seen are on the MTA. People use 
features in most of the MTA to block mail from known spammers and spam sites
to avoid being an open relay.

As their are a lot of MTA (Exim, postfix, sendmail, exchange etc...) do some 
of us have experience in that?

Another thing I have seen with some African ISP to avoid bandwidth 
consumption due to spam is to buy (or set up) a kind of smtp relay in Europe 
or Us where bandwidth is cheap. There are a lot of companies in EU and US 
which offer a service of spam email filtering by acting as you smtp MX. The 
emails are then filtered one time by the servers of these "antispam gw" 
which reroute the "cleaned emails" to the smtp servers of the ISP. Where 
there is a second cleaning process before the email is delivered.

New alert from US Doj.

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