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Jean Robert HOUNTOMEY-ISERVICES hrobert at iservices.tg
Mon Jun 11 19:42:33 SAST 2007

asking for if we need to form a WG doesn't deny from discussing but can help 
on the actions to take.

Franck and Ernest raised their concern about the spam issue and pointed out 
what they would like to see.

Please let's focused on the spam issue rather than dragginng up and down.

Let's be posite.


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We don't care what we could move to but we have to continue discussing
online as agreed by all in Abuja.
Chair, why are u dragging us up and down? This is not an issue to waste
time consulting.

On Mon, June 11, 2007 3:02 pm, Jean Robert HOUNTOMEY-ISERVICES said:
> I will let the community to answer
> Just want to point out if the community want to move now to a WG.
>> We may have to agree on the following:
>> - are we tackling the spam problem from a technical/engineering or
>>   non-technical engineering approach?
>> - since spam has been a wide topic of discussion, are we mainly looking
>>   at the african perspective to spam? What exactly? 419 scams? fishing?
>>   why?
>> - should we task ourselves to develop some kind of 'best practices' for
>>   our community w.r.t spam? is this something that is necessary, and in
>>   which case, we have a mandate to do?
>> any other ideas welcome.
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