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Dear Colleagues,
Registration is still open for our webinar titled, "The State of RPKI Route Origin Validation in Africa: Strengthening Routing Security” that will take place on 13th July 2023 and will start at 09:00 UTC on the Zoom Platform. The webinar will bring together industry experts to explore the current landscape, challenges, and best practices surrounding RPKI adoption and its impact on routing security in Africa and will feature RPKI Experts in a panel discussion.

The session will be moderated by Mr. Olatunde Awobuluyi, Trainer at AFRINIC. With him on the panel will be; 

Mr. Kevin Chege- Director of Internet Development, Internet Society (ISOC).

Mr. Mark Tinka - Head of Engineering, SEACOM.

Dr. Amreesh Phokeer - Internet Measurement and Data Expert, Internet Society (ISOC).

Mr. David Njuki - Senior Systems Engineer, AFRINIC.

Mr. Ben Maddison,Director, Workonline Communications.

Mr. Willy Manga, DO Eng, AFRINIC.

This webinar is tailor-made for network operators, ISPs, policy-makers, researchers, and anyone interested in understanding and using RPKI for ROA and ROV. Whether you are new to RPKI or an experienced practitioner, this webinar aims to provide valuable insights into improving routing security and enhancing the reliability of Internet connectivity in Africa.

The discussion will cover key topics including:

An introduction to RPKI and Route Origin Validation.

The impact of time delays on routing security.

Challenges specific to RPKI adoption in Africa, 

AFRINIC's efforts in implementing RPKI, and best practices for successful RPKI implementation.

Register for this webinar here>> https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/2816877855365/WN_S2QqP_SGRaaeigbIrXa0dQ <https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/2816877855365/WN_S2QqP_SGRaaeigbIrXa0dQ>
This Webinar Series is a platform designed to provide members of the Internet Community with an opportunity to learn and engage on various topics related to the AFRINIC ecosystem. The webinars will take place on a monthly basis and will feature expert presenters who will share their knowledge and experience on a range of topics that are deemed relevant to our community. More details of the AFRINIC Webinar Series are available here>> https://afrinic.net/events/webinar-series <https://afrinic.net/events/webinar-series>
We look forward to your participation in this webinar series and hope to see you there.

Kind Regards,

AFRINIC Communications.

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